For thousands of years, yogis in India have taken Bacopa (aka Brahmi) to reduce stress and enhance cognitive function.

Here’s a little Western Science for this herb.

  1. From this study, the mode of action of neuroprotective effects of Brahmi appeared to be the results of its antioxidant to suppress neuronal oxidative stress and the acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities. Therefore, treating patients with Brahmi extract may be an alternative direction for ameliorating neurodegenerative disorders associated with the overwhelming oxidative stress as well as Alzheimer’s disease. From: Neuroprotective effect of Bacopa monnieri on beta-amyloid-induced cell death in primary cortical culture.
  2. Bacopa also seems to stabilize mast cells which may help to reduce histamine levels in the body. Less histamine, less reactivity. From: Mast cell stabilising activity of Bacopa monnieri.

When I take it, I have better sleep presumably from the decrease of histamine and clearer thoughts.

This is the Bacopa I take: