I learned about the OODA loop while working on a Department of Defense project to secure their supercomputers.  OODA was developed by a brilliant fighter pilot and military strategist named John Boyd.  This OODA loop is now used by business and sports strategists.  As Wikipedia describes:

Boyd hypothesized that all intelligent organisms and organizations undergo a continuous cycle of interaction with their environment. Boyd breaks this cycle down to four interrelated and overlapping processes through which one cycles continuously:

Observation: the collection of data by means of the senses

Orientation: the analysis and synthesis of data to form one’s current mental perspective

Decision: the determination of a course of action based on one’s current mental perspective

Action: the physical playing-out of decisions

Boyd’s OODA has helped me to slow down during fast-paced, intense, and important situations.  It helps to reduce reactivity and promote proactive action.

It is a great framework but, I believe it is missing a step which can be helpful to anyone using it.  Breathe.

Breathe.  Then observe, orient, decide, and act. Breathing calmly puts us in a parasympathetic or relaxed state which allows for the most creative solution to appear.

I think John Boyd would dig the addition of the breathe step.  He might even be okay with calling it the BOODA Loop.