“This was the most relaxed I’ve felt in months. It wasn’t laborious, just bliss.

— D. Kagan

“I came in with very little knowledge of the parasympathetic nervous system. At the end of the class, I had an understanding of what stress does to my body and how it holds on to it. I went away feeling relaxed, euphoric, and eager to practice these techniques.

— Wade, Wounded Operation Iraqi Freedom

“Really cool stuff. I’m usually cynical about this sort of thing, but really enjoyed it.

— G. Kemper

“A great class – easy to follow and a great break from a hectic work week!

— A. Dewey

“Rob’s insight and teaching have opened my eyes to not only the power of the human body and the dangers of being in a chronic state of high stress, but also our ability to down-regulate and change that through a variety of breathing and release methods. This is exactly what I have needed for so long I will definitely be back for more.

— Ellen, workshop participant and travel consultant

“The techniques learned were extremely effective at helping me recenter and refocus before starting my next task. The staff who participated were very grateful. They expressed afterward how much they appreciated the workshop and the agency focusing on ‘their self-care.’ They are looking forward to the next workshop!

— Jessica MacLeod, MSW, Director of Social Services, Thrive DC

“Our time with Rob was such a relaxing experience…I fell asleep.

— Anonymous

“I dealt with extreme stress at the end of 2016 / early 2017 and I wish I had known how to better manage the physical aspects of it. Would love to learn more- about the tremors, I always thought they were a sign of muscle weakness or lack of control.

— Anonymous

“I learned how to escape my stressful thoughts and worries and to just be in the moment. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time.

— K. Herhold

“I really enjoyed that experience. I always forget the importance of stepping back, listening to the body, so that was greatly appreciated. Thank you! Favorite part was the tremoring—so weird but very interesting!

— Jenna

“I haven’t felt this connected to my body in a long time. I’ve had anxiety for years and this workshop taught me some very useful tools to handle it moving forward.

— C.G., a Broadcast News Anchor

“This workshop melted away my stress during a time of anxiety and stress.

— S. Philibotte

Workshop at Evolution Performance (Winchester, VA) – May 23, 2018

Survey Results

100% of participants reported less stress.

50% of participants reported less pain.

100% of participants reported improved mood.

100% of participants reported it being 5 star.


“I haven’t felt this relaxed in 10-12 years.” -DSS Firearms Instructor

“Eye opening experience with extremely compassionate and helpful coaches.”

“Rob is a [expletive deleted] boss. Excellent class.” -Jon Cooper

“Helped me conquer my asthma and relieve pain and heaviness in my chest.”

“An eye-opening look into what proper breathing can do for your mind and body.”

“The breathing was amazing!”